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How to match the coating used in precision casting? What are the points of attention?

How to match the coating used in precision casting? What are the points of attention? The coating used in stainless steel precision casting consists mainly of silica sol. Silica sol consists mainly of silica, high-density materials, sodium dioxide, pH-adjusting substances, moving adhesives, colloidal particles, etc. The physical and chemical parameters of these materials mainly affect the strength and coating of precision casting shells. Stability. Since it is difficult for precision foundry manufacturers to detect these physical and chemical parameters, it is necessary to strengthen supplier selection, evaluation and confirmation. On the other hand, different sizes of silica sol should be used for the surface layer and the back surface, s-830 type silica sol is used for the surface layer, and s-1430 type silica sol is used for the back surface. In precision casting production, the preparation of the coating directly affects the quality of the casting. The coating is usually prepared by first adding a silica sol, then adding a wetting agent, adding a refractory powder to the mixture, and finally adding an antifoaming agent. In order to ensure the quality of the coating, the surface coating is a new material, the mixing time should be more than 24 hours to use, such as some new ingredients, the mixing time can be shortened to 12 hours. The mixing time of the transition layer and the back layer can be less than that of the surface coating, all of which are new paints, the mixing time can exceed 12 hours, and when the new coating is used, the mixing time can be shortened by more than half. If the coating is not used, it should be capped to prevent evaporation of water.

The quality of the hammer material is a key factor in the life of the hammer crusher

The most critical part of the hammer crusher is the hammer head. The hammer head is also the most vulnerable to wear and tear. The choice of a good hammer is very important for the long-term use of the hammer crusher. The stellar SBM crusher expert Study with you the hammer material of the hammer crusher. (1) Manganese steel hammer: At present, the hammers of domestic crushers are mostly made of high-manganese steel, which has insufficient wear resistance and a very short service life. The hammerhead for broken limestone can generally be used for 60-90d, and under certain special conditions, it can be used for less than 7d. At the same time, due to the impact force of the hammer head in the work is not large, the work hardening effect of the high manganese steel hammer head is not significant, and its anti-scour wear ability is poor. Since Cr can strengthen the austenite and increase the hardness, strength and wear resistance of the steel, adding Cr element to the high manganese steel can greatly strengthen the hammer. When crushing iron ore, the service life of the hammer is 50% higher than that of ordinary high manganese steel. (2) Hammer type crusher composite hammer: The traditional high manganese steel hammer has poor wear resistance, short service life and large consumption. To this end, we designed the hammer head to be made separately from the hammer handle and the hammer end. The hammer handle part is made of high manganese steel or carbon steel, which makes it have sufficient toughness, and the hammer part is made of high chromium cast iron. High-chromium cast iron is a material with excellent wear resistance, so that the hammer end will have sufficient wear resistance. At the same time, because the high-chromium cast iron has low toughness and is prone to brittle fracture, the hammer handle selects high toughness and high manganese. Steel or carbon steel material overcomes the shortcomings of a single material. Practice has shown that the service life of broken cement clinker in the cement industry is more than 2 times higher than that of high manganese steel hammer. In addition, it can also be used to cast a white hammer hammer. The test proves that when the albite with a Mohs hardness of 6.5 is broken, the service life can be stably reached three times that of the high manganese steel hammer. From the above analysis, The above two composite hammers meet the performance requirements. (3) hammer crusher low-alloy steel hammer: The composite hammer has a high service life, but its casting and heat treatment process is complicated. To this end, in recent years, a variety of low-alloy steel hammers have been developed, and 40CrMnSiMoRe low-alloy steel hammers have been promoted. The 40CrMnSiMoRe steel alloy has low content of elements, low production cost and simple process, and the required mechanical strength can be obtained by suitable heat treatment. After analyzing the operation of the hammer and the experiment on the crusher, it is confirmed that the material meets the performance indexes of the hammer and can be used as a good hammer material.

Early measurement method for the discharge port of construction waste crusher

For the development of construction waste crushers, the technology is constantly being carried out, but at any time, in the production of materials, the machine will inevitably need to adjust the discharge port, and the adjustment process will be on the equipment. The particle size of the finished product and the efficiency of the equipment have an impact, but this adjustment is inevitable for better production. For the construction waste crusher currently used on the market, the measurement and adjustment of the discharge port is convenient because of the simplification of its structure, the advancement of technology and the realization of intelligence, but in the early days when the machine was used, the technology was still Not too developed, the structure of the equipment is also more complicated, what is the method used for the measurement of the discharge port? By querying the data, it can be found that the method used for the early measurement of the discharge of the construction waste crusher is relatively simple - put the shot (or lead and lead) into the empty crusher and measure the discharge of the crusher. The size of the pressed shot, lead and lead columns to identify the size of the discharge port is relatively primitive. Although the size of the discharge port can be measured, it is more troublesome and less convenient than the current measurement standards. In actual production, the purpose of measuring the discharge port of the construction waste crusher is to accurately adjust the parameters in the production and ensure the balance between the finished product and the production capacity. These are important for the production process. In addition, the size of the discharge port of the same type of construction waste crusher can only be adjusted within a specific range. If it exceeds this range, it will cause changes in the efficiency of production, etc., at any time, The law of change. The article mainly introduces the early measurement method of the discharge port of the construction waste crusher. On this issue, we introduce in detail the measurement method and the significance of the measurement - better adjustment of equipment parameters to meet the demand for production capacity and finished products. Then it is analyzed that in the production, the adjustment of the discharge opening needs to be controlled within a certain range, and the adjustment process cannot be carried out arbitrarily, and it needs to be strictly carried out according to the production requirements.

Inspection and maintenance during the use of the ball mill

The ball mill is a grinding machine commonly used in mineral processing. Therefore, the reasonable maintenance of the ball mill is an important condition to ensure a high operating rate and long service life of the ball mill for sale. The maintenance work of the ball mill in the beneficiation equipment should be combined with the operation and maintenance, often The successful move is accompanied by a good maintenance plan and maintenance record. Formulating a complete set of maintenance plan and maintenance policy is one of the important tasks in the production of the new concentrator. The maintenance plan is thorough and the maintenance personnel's attitude is serious. The degree and the correctness of the maintenance plan are obviously reflected in the economic benefits. In order to smoothly carry out the planned maintenance and repair work every time, the equipment maintenance record should be made in time. The operation status of each equipment and the effect after maintenance are recorded in detail. For example, the main bearing, grid plate, lining plate and other easy-grinding parts are carefully recorded. The number of replacements, and the use of these records as a history of the equipment in order to predict the life of the components. And plan to replace parts (spare parts). The number of repairs and time can be determined according to the operation of each grinding machine, but also depends on Wearing parts or easy-to-wear parts - wear level of the lining. Maintenance of the grinding machine In addition to routine maintenance inspection, the ball processing equipment of the mineral processing equipment is regularly carried out with minor repairs, medium repairs and overhauls. 1 minor repairs. Generally 1-3 Once a month, the main maintenance project is to inspect, repair or replace worn parts such as mill liners, feeder heads, pinions, couplings and pads, feed tubes, motor bearings Wait. Check each fastener; inspect the oil pump and lubrication system, clean and change oil, temporary accident repair and minor adjustment of wear parts, small change and trapping. 2 medium repair. Usually 6-12 months, its overhaul In addition to all the minor repairs, the project also needs to clean and adjust the various parts of the equipment, such as repairing the rotating gears, and replacing a large number of easy-to-grind parts. 3 Overhaul. The cycle is generally about 5 years, and its maintenance In addition to all the items included in the repair, the project also replaces the main bearing and large gears, inspects, repairs or replaces the cylinder and end caps, repairs the foundation, and aligns or refills the grout.

How to configure the ultra-fine mill production line

The production line can fully improve the work efficiency of the workers and equipment, and the raw materials pass through a series of processing to complete the user's demand. The production activity route is the production line. Today's ultra-fine mill production activities are called ultra-fine. The grinding machine production line is specially designed for the production line equipment of ore milling. How to configure the ultra-fine grinding machine production line becomes a problem that users care about. Let’s take a look at the matching solution of SBM to users. According to the characteristics of various types of stone materials in various aspects, SBM integrates the overall advantages of the ultra-fine mill production line, and provides a complete set of ultrafine mill production line for the user, including crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin. , a vibrating feeder, a micro-grinding machine, a frequency conversion classifier, a double cyclone dust collector, a pulse dust removal system, a high-pressure fan, an air compressor, an electrical control system, and the like, a production line, the configuration of this scheme It also has certain advantages, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The matching scheme of the ultra-fine mill production line gives the user the advantage of simplifying the production process. In the production process of the milling production line we often see in the market, there are three sections and four sections to complete the whole production. SBM simplifies these production processes into two-stage production crushing. This design not only reduces the host equipment, but also reduces the feeding belt conveyor between the crusher equipment and the milling equipment and the operation of these equipment. Electricity consumption, wear parts loss, etc. 2. The crusher equipped with the ultra-fine mill production line and the micro-grinding machine can not only simplify the production process, but also reduce the production energy consumption by 30-40%, so that the wear-resistant parts are reduced. Between 70-80%, resulting in a total investment reduction of between 20-30% For the superfine mill production line how to configure this problem, it still needs specific analysis of the specific content, the actual production configuration is not so smooth in theory. However, Shanghai SBM is willing to eliminate all difficulties and sincerely arrange a reasonable and efficient ultra-fine grinding machine production line for each customer.

Slag vertical grinding to increase the output of sand and gravel production line

For slag processing and production, SBM heavy machine has rich experience and high-tech application. The designed slag vertical grinding equipment has reasonable design concept, excellent quality, low failure rate, large production capacity and long service life. The improvement is the quality equipment that increases production capacity and reduces energy consumption. According to the customer's demand, the price of the slag vertical roller mill sandstone production line customized by SBM heavy machine meets the production needs of the whole project, and it can effectively improve the milling efficiency and create greater value. 1. SBM heavy machine slag vertical grinding failure rate is low The whole equipment is integrated into crushing, drying, grinding and conveying. The roller sleeve can be used for turning over, which prolongs the service life of the wear-resistant material. It does not need to be clothed on the grinding disc before starting the machine, and the mill can be started at no load. Difficult troubles; low wear, grinding roller, grinding disc lining plate with special material, long service life; grinding roller can be pulled out of the machine by hydraulic device, replacement roller lining plate and grinding machine maintenance space is large, maintenance operation is very convenient, deeply Corporate praise and love. 2, SBM heavy machine slag vertical grinding capacity As a well-loved milling equipment, the slag vertical grinding equipment has a large single-machine production capacity and high grinding efficiency. Compared with the ball mill, the energy consumption can be 40%-50% lower. Not only that, but the equipment is also It has the excellent features of energy saving and clean production, and is a high-quality equipment that meets the national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements. 3, SBM heavy machine slag vertical grinding energy-saving production For the field of milling, a high-efficiency and energy-saving grinding equipment can capture customers' hearts. The SBM heavy-duty slag vertical grinding system is a whole sealed full negative pressure operation, which can basically achieve dust-free overflow and is a dust-free workshop. High quality milling equipment. 4. The price of slag vertical matte production line is scientific and reasonable. For the price of grinding equipment, SBM heavy machine can be customized according to customer's requirements. Different customers have the same on-site production requirements. SBM heavy machine vertical mill can increase the number of grinding rolls according to demand and capacity requirements, and form various capacities. Series products, to meet the processing needs of different materials on different customer sites, welcome everyone to visit our factory to understand more slag vertical sandstone production line prices.

What is the price of a small ultra-fine mill / small ultra-fine mill?

The small ultra-fine grinding machine was born in response to the fact that some customers have low demand for the processing material output, but the standard size of the finished product has to meet the standard, and there is no relatively rich budgetary funds. Therefore, Shanghai SBM small ultrafine mill The machine is born, what is the price of a small superfine mill? The small ultra-fine mill is a relatively small-scale grinding equipment. Because the large-scale mill consumes more energy and electricity during the operation, the total annual cost is higher, which makes many users increase the small mill. The purchase of the powder machine, the small ultra-fine mill has lower operating cost and higher profits. The following is a brief description of this small ultra-fine mill. The small ultra-fine grinding machine is simple and compact in design. It is made of world-class top-grade technology. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has an advanced internal structure. The most important components include the main machine, analysis machine, grinding roller and grinding ring. , the cover, etc., the processing plant can also be configured according to the production requirements of the reasonable crusher, feeder, hoist and electronically controlled motor device, so that it can form a complete ore processing line to achieve a good grinding effect The price of small ultra-fine grinding machine is undoubtedly the focus of attention when users purchase. The price of Shanghai SBM's small ultra-fine grinding machine is favorable. The reason why the price is so affordable mainly includes two aspects. On the one hand, there are many small equipment manufacturers, and the competitiveness among manufacturers is large. In order to highlight their own advantages, SBM has increased the sales of superfine mills in our factory and has been selling at a low price. On the other hand, the ultra-fine mill is a direct sales equipment of our factory, and it is mainly sold online. The expected profit has been relatively low. Compared with the small ultra-fine mill of the same type on the market, the manufacturing cost of the equipment is low. Relatively low, so the offer is naturally low Therefore, compared to the large ultra-fine mill, if the small ultra-fine mill can meet your production needs, then the next best choice is also a good choice, if you need to expand production in the future Well, you need to combine the advice of the manufacturer's technical staff to think about it.

How does a limestone mill grind material?

Limestone is a valuable mineral and utilization resource. It is widely distributed in China and its reserves are also very rich. Similarly, it is also an important raw material in industrial production. Limestone can be used as a building material; it can be used to produce cement; it can be used to produce high-grade paper coating; it can be used as a filler in plastics production. In addition, there are many uses. The limestone ultrafine mill is a good equipment for grinding in modern production. However, with the continuous development of society, the demand for limestone grinding is increasing and there are strict requirements on fineness and quality. In this regard, some manufacturers have designed limestone superfine mills based on the product characteristics and chemical properties of limestone. Of course, limestone is a kind of mineral material, and it is also suitable for milling in mining mills, so this The mill is designed for the grinding of mineral materials such as limestone. Limestone has a wide range of uses and contributes to human production and life. For this precious mineral raw material, we have to go through some special treatment before it is used, which is more convenient for us to use. Powdered limestone is convenient for mixing cement or adding ingredients. Therefore, in general industrial production, powdered limestone is used. Therefore, the market for limestone mills is relatively large. Ordinary mills can also grind limestone mineral materials, but we have to consider a problem. Other mills are damaged quickly after grinding minerals and are not easy to clean. The limestone mill is a comprehensive mill for limestone mineral materials. The considerations are also comprehensive. We can use it with confidence, and don't worry if the mill can bear the grinding power. The limestone superfine mill introduced by SBM has many advantages over other milling equipment. The equipment is more efficient and energy-saving than the flow mill, the agitator mill and the ball mill. The wearable parts have a long service life, and the grinding rolls and grinding rings are forged by special materials, so that the utilization degree is greatly improved. Generally, it can last for more than one year. When processing calcium carbonate and calcite, the service life can reach 2-5 years. It has high safety and reliability. Because there are no rolling bearings and no screws in the grinding chamber, there is no problem that the bearing and its seal are vulnerable. There is no problem that the screw is easy to loose and destroy the machine. Environmental protection, cleaning using pulse dust collector to capture dust, using muffler to reduce noise, environmentally friendly, clean features, therefore, we should choose limestone mill to professionally grind limestone mineral materials, I believe that the finished powder quality can also be expected.

How to choose the production of slag vertical grinding in mechanical equipment factory

As a super-large grinding machine mining machinery factory in Asia, SBM heavy machine is a high-tech enterprise trusted and supported by the industry. SBM heavy machine has taken a very strong step in the field of grinding machine manufacturing and successfully produced vertical grinding. Powder machine, ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill, ultra-fine vertical roller mill and other milling equipment, in the metallurgy, industrial solid waste, building materials, chemical and many other fields, such as, the slag vertical roller mill is SBM weight Machine-specific customized high-quality equipment, according to customer needs, professionally customized slag vertical grinding price and selection plan is more scientific and reasonable, is the best choice for enterprises to enhance their value. 1. SBM heavy machine slag vertical grinding cost-effective For the development of slag vertical roller mill selection scheme, SBM heavy machine experience is very rich, and there are many successful cases. According to each customer's production demand, SBM heavy machine scheme selection team can scientifically customize the exclusive powder production line solution. The equipment resources allocated on this basis are also more scientific and reasonable, and the price of slag vertical grinding is also more accurate. Therefore, as a high-quality grinding equipment manufacturer, the product and service concept of SBM heavy machine is more in line with the development of the industry. It is also a high-quality equipment to improve the production efficiency of the milling industry. 2, SBM heavy machine is an excellent mining machinery and equipment factory As a leader in powder equipment manufacturers, SBM heavy machine is undoubtedly very excellent, not only has profound development, rich experience in machining and manufacturing, but also has development thinking and creative thinking that can keep pace with the development of the market. Adjusting product structure adjustment, creatively producing a large number of high-quality milling equipment, widely used in the field of non-mineral milling, has become a high-tech enterprise that is deeply loved and valued by the industry. Today, SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill, slag vertical roller mill, ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill and other equipment enjoy world-renowned, excellent quality, complete powder production line solution performance is stable, cost-effective, is loved by the industry High-tech manufacturers.

Product characteristics of wax molds used in DeZe stainless steel precision casting!

In recent years, many casting manufacturers in China have successfully developed a series of series of mold materials and quality products. These stainless steel precision casting mold materials are available in a variety of materials, providing different shell materials, different dewaxing temperatures, and the shape of mold materials, which can replace imported products. The mold material developed by DeZe is no less than 10 varieties and the annual output is about 200 tons. We must know that the US investment casting technology is very high, thanks to its advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and strict and meticulous operating procedures. For example, the molds used by the US investment casting foundry each time are produced by the mold factory. New materials: Investment casting is not processed by mold materials, and the mold materials are recycled to the professional production of mold materials. Due to the high quality and uniformity of the mold material, the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the investment casting wax mold are ensured. Moreover, the ash content and impurities of the wax are also controlled. Foreign companies usually have professional related technical expertise in the production of investment casting materials. The mold materials produced have good stability, low shrinkage, smooth surface and high strength. Good formability and advantages of different parts. The different properties of the mold materials, the mold materials produced abroad include filled molds and unfilled mold materials, which are divided into mold wax, repair wax, emulsifying wax, gate wax, and sealing wax for sealing wax. The wax used in precision casting is one of the important factors determining the quality of castings. The casting wax mainly includes low temperature mold materials, medium temperature mold materials and high temperature mold materials. The mold materials imported from China are mainly medium temperature mold materials, and the quality of mold materials is due to mold materials. The formulation of the formula, the manufacturer attaches great importance to the study of mold material formulation.