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Which kind of milling machine is suitable for marble powder processing

xuan posted @ 2019年8月13日 09:44 in 未分类 with tags https://sbm-mill.com/case/marble-grinding-baoshan-china.html , 64 阅读

In the building materials market, Marble Grinding Machine is a widely used material that can be used in the production of building materials after being processed by a mill. So, which kind of mill is suitable for the processing of marble powder? Marble powder processing can choose two kinds of grinding equipment, one is Raymond mill equipment, and the other is high pressure mill equipment. Both of these milling equipments can be used for the processing of marble powder. The Raymond mill has a fineness of less than 300 mesh and a yield of between 8 and 10 tons. The high-pressure mill is more powerful than the Raymond mill, and the fineness of the processed marble powder can reach 500 mesh or even higher. The output of high-pressure mills is also relatively large, and the output of large-scale equipment can reach 15-20 tons. SBM Heavy Industry specializes in the production and processing of marble powder mill equipment. It has strong processing capability and stable performance. There are spot mill equipment in the factory. Users can come to the factory to see the equipment, and can test the machine on site to process the grinding capacity of our company. Satisfied and then buy. SBM heavy-duty mill manufacturers have professional engineers, can tailor the grinding production line according to customer needs, welcome to consult high-pressure mill, ultra-fine mill, limestone grinding equipment, calcium carbonate mill, Raymond mill Powder machine, industrial mill, bentonite mill equipment price

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