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What are the advantages of the mechanism sand made by the sand making machine?

xuan posted @ 2019年9月29日 09:29 in 未分类 with tags sand making machine , 43 阅读

Nowadays, machine sand has been widely recognized as the main source of construction sand. The use of sand making machine equipment to make cobblestone, granite, bluestone, limestone, stone, scraps and scraps into machine-made sand can not only turn waste into treasure, liberate the occupied space, but also create high economic benefits. A good deed. So what are the advantages of machine sand processed by sand making machine? First, the standard of construction sand is 4.75mm or less, but different engineering has different requirements on the fineness modulus of sand. The mechanism sand equipment can process the coarse sand of the building and can also process the fine sand of the building, which can meet the fineness modulus. It is more flexible than the river sand, and the application is more extensive;  Second, the standardized mechanism sand production line is generally a mode of sand powder separation, low soil content, through the quantitative mixing of stone powder, fine sand, coarse sand, it is easier to adjust the fine aggregate of reasonable particle size, can be well filled a gap of coarse aggregate; Third, the mechanism sand can usually be produced nearby, so it may be more advantageous in price than river sand because it has a lot less transportation costs. Fourth, the particle shape of the mechanism sand is close to the river sand. Through the optimization of the cavity structure of the sand making machine, the material is made into sand and the impact and friction are also subjected to many angles, which can form a good shape.

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