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SBM factory direct ultrafine grinding machine

xuan posted @ 2019年11月11日 10:50 in 未分类 with tags ultrafine mill , 41 阅读

I don’t think of you because of loneliness, but because I need you, I look forward to meeting you and knowing each other as soon as possible. Maxima has the eye of Bole. SGM's ultrafine mill equipment, where are you? As a factory direct sales equipment, there is no middleman's routine, there are not too many cumbersome processes, all are real price sales. The ultra-fine grinding machine absorbs the advanced fine-grading technology of Germany and Japan, and solves the problem of ultra-fine powder classification. It is mainly used for more than 500 kinds of materials such as feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black and clay. Ultrafine powder processing with adjustable fineness in 300 mesh (20 micron) to 3500 mesh (3.55 micron) production. According to the calculation and simulation results of the Bernoulli equation of gas flow, the geometry of the blade in the fineness classifier is changed, and the inclination angle and relative clearance of the file are re-adjusted, so that the ultrafine powder entering the classification can be effectively and accurately divided. Pick it out. Its internal structure is composed of more than one set of longitudinally arranged fine grinding devices. Each set of fine grinding device includes a three-dimensional structural frame, a driving roller, a grinding iron and a power part which are closely attached to the driving roller wall, and the grinding iron has a million The device and the spring pressing device ensure that the grinding iron can be automatically adjusted to maintain parallel contact with the driving roller wall to ensure fine grinding effect. At the same time, in the grinding device, the parts are technically improved, so that the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is achieved, and the phenomenon that the small particle material cannot be continuously pulverized in the unevenness and the gap is avoided in the general grinding machine. For the ultra-fine grinding machine of the factory direct sales, you don't have to worry about cutting corners. You can go to the factory to visit the production at any time, you can get close contact with the dazzling array of products, you can carry out the on-site test machine, sneak peek. Why don't you try this time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving, rest assured, and comfortable shopping method?

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