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How does the machined sand production line increase output

xuan posted @ 2019年12月13日 10:02 in 未分类 with tags VSI sand maker , 48 阅读

The investment in machine-made sand production lines has been very encouraging recently. Its output and taste will directly affect the actual revenue of users. How to increase the output of the product while ensuring the taste of the sand is really disturbing. As a manufacturer of machine-made VSI sand maker, we have taken over thousands of user cases, so we have integrated several common techniques, and see if there are any starting points that can optimize your production line to help you get higher Yield, better sand. Yield increases and the taste of the finished product cannot be discounted Ignoring the taste of sand and blindly increasing the output is not advisable. At present, construction sand has high requirements. The grit size and purity have strict parameter indicators. The quality of sand is ignored in pursuit of high yield. The obtained sand is in the market. China does not occupy a competitive advantage. The skills we have introduced to you have been verified by many users, which can not only increase the production of sand on the production line, but also give you a better taste of the sand. Tip one: choose the right equipment It ’s very important to choose the right equipment. Do n’t be greedy and cheap. Our sales team is in the process of user docking. Many users think that other manufacturers are cheaper. After understanding the configuration given by each other, our staff will basically Users are advised to place orders cautiously, because many small manufacturers have limited strength, in order to seize the customer base, pull down the offer, and boldly confuse users for the configuration, and some users who are new to this industry are easily confused. There are many potential problems with subsequent production lines, and once they are turned on, there will be a steady stream of trouble. Technique two: timely maintenance The equipment has a maintenance cycle. This is very important. The equipment of the SBM sand making machine can work continuously for about 20 hours a day, but every 4-5 hours of work, you need to stop and rest for maintenance. During the operation of the equipment, it will bear a large number of impact loads, and many minor faults, such as component wear, lubrication, etc., need to be checked after a period of work, timely replacement and maintenance if there is a problem. Tip 3: Strictly follow operating procedures Reasonable feeding, but no load, no-load, these are commonplace considerations, thinking that for the production line, not a piece of equipment is running, every link is well-organized, in order to maintain the orderly operation of the production line, the operating procedures are not exaggerated, When our after-sales team is serving users, we find that many users do not care about strictly abiding by the operating procedures

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