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How to determine the manganese content in precision castings

There is no uniform rule for the determination of manganese content in precision castings. Various methods are very different. For the promulgation of national standards, they are summarized and stored here in case they are needed. To measure Mn in Precision casting, you can find relevant national standards, such as the determination of manganese content GB / T 5121.14-2008, you can find the detailed answer you need, and there are very detailed steps. As for what brand of 721 measurement standard is correct, you first refer to which national standard and see at which wavelength the actual measurement is made. If it is within 360-1000, selecting 721 can solve the problem, otherwise UV-visible spectrophotometry is required meter. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose Japan; if the budget is small, you can choose domestic. Simply put, the Mn content of the standard steel in precision castings is given and known. After processing the standard steel, you prepare a series of solutions with different concentrations c, and then measure the absorbance value A to make a standard curve; Measure the absorbance value with your prepared sample solution, and get the Mn concentration according to the curve, then you can estimate the Mn content of the sample. The formula is actually A = εbc, A is measured by a spectrophotometer, c of the standard steel is known, and an A-c curve can be made. b- thickness of liquid layer, ε-molar absorption coefficient.

How does the machined sand production line increase output

The investment in machine-made sand production lines has been very encouraging recently. Its output and taste will directly affect the actual revenue of users. How to increase the output of the product while ensuring the taste of the sand is really disturbing. As a manufacturer of machine-made VSI sand maker, we have taken over thousands of user cases, so we have integrated several common techniques, and see if there are any starting points that can optimize your production line to help you get higher Yield, better sand. Yield increases and the taste of the finished product cannot be discounted Ignoring the taste of sand and blindly increasing the output is not advisable. At present, construction sand has high requirements. The grit size and purity have strict parameter indicators. The quality of sand is ignored in pursuit of high yield. The obtained sand is in the market. China does not occupy a competitive advantage. The skills we have introduced to you have been verified by many users, which can not only increase the production of sand on the production line, but also give you a better taste of the sand. Tip one: choose the right equipment It ’s very important to choose the right equipment. Do n’t be greedy and cheap. Our sales team is in the process of user docking. Many users think that other manufacturers are cheaper. After understanding the configuration given by each other, our staff will basically Users are advised to place orders cautiously, because many small manufacturers have limited strength, in order to seize the customer base, pull down the offer, and boldly confuse users for the configuration, and some users who are new to this industry are easily confused. There are many potential problems with subsequent production lines, and once they are turned on, there will be a steady stream of trouble. Technique two: timely maintenance The equipment has a maintenance cycle. This is very important. The equipment of the SBM sand making machine can work continuously for about 20 hours a day, but every 4-5 hours of work, you need to stop and rest for maintenance. During the operation of the equipment, it will bear a large number of impact loads, and many minor faults, such as component wear, lubrication, etc., need to be checked after a period of work, timely replacement and maintenance if there is a problem. Tip 3: Strictly follow operating procedures Reasonable feeding, but no load, no-load, these are commonplace considerations, thinking that for the production line, not a piece of equipment is running, every link is well-organized, in order to maintain the orderly operation of the production line, the operating procedures are not exaggerated, When our after-sales team is serving users, we find that many users do not care about strictly abiding by the operating procedures

What's wrong with the poor dust removal effect of the calcite dust collector?

In the milling industry, from the initial Raymond mill to the various types of milling equipment with different functions, the reformation of the milling machine not only makes production more convenient, but also brings considerable economic benefits to users. However, no matter what type of mill, there will be dust pollution during the production process, so there is a new partner of the mill-dust collector. At present, calcite powder mills are very popular in the industry. Recently, users have questioned the dust collector effect of Calcite Powder Grinding Mill. The dust removal effect of calcite powder mills is not good. What is going on? If the precipitator of your calcite mill is a bag filter, it may be because the filter area of ​​the bag filter is too small and the actual air extraction volume is insufficient. It is difficult to remove the dust hood and the cavity in the discharge port of the mill. A slight negative pressure is formed, which causes larger dust; in addition, when the ground material has a high humidity (after rain or after the material is wet), the dust particles entering the dust collector are coarser than when the dry material is ground, and the bag type dust collector It is easy to paste bags, and the feeder is easy to be blocked. As a result, the ventilation resistance of the bag dust collector is greatly increased, the ventilation capacity is reduced, and the dust is serious. During the material falling from the belt conveyor inside the calcite mill, the air and the material enter the closed dust removal hood together, and the dust-containing gas diffuses outside the hood through the gaps and orifices on the hood wall, which pollutes the environment. There is also whether the daily maintenance of the dust collector is in place. There are many failures of the bag dust collector and supporting parts. If the routine maintenance is not in place, it will not only affect the normal dust removal, but also increase the maintenance workload of the equipment. As a responsible manufacturer of pulverizers, our calcite pulverizers will be tested again and again before delivery. If there is a problem, it will be resolved in time to ensure that the equipment arriving at the user will not have any major production problems. Of course, after using the calcite mill dust remover for a period of time, if it is not cleaned and maintained in time, the dust removal effect will definitely decline. Purchase the mill to Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry.

How to make your crusher "winter safely"?

As the saying goes: Nineteen, twenty-nine do not take action, thirty-nine, forty-nine go on ice. At the time of the cold season, people are wearing thick cotton coats. In fact, the Gravel crushers is also afraid of cold, and it is necessary to do cold work. Below, the editor of the crusher manufacturer will tell you how to make your machine safe for the winter. First, the cleaning of the crusher In the winter season, the cleaning work of the crusher can not be lazy. It is necessary to regularly clean the components of the crusher's chassis, working equipment and other parts. You can also check whether the parts are intact while removing the dirt. Selection and replacement of oil In the case of temperature comparison, the oil of the crusher is easy to wax, and the flow performance is not good, resulting in incomplete combustion and reducing the power of the machine. At this time, it is recommended to use diesel with a lower freezing point and replace the lubricating oil and grease. Third, the maintenance of the Gravel crushers parts When maintaining the cooling system of the diesel engine, the working state of the thermostat needs to be checked. Once mud and sand are found in the water tank, it must be removed immediately. In addition, the battery must be recharged frequently to maintain the preheating device. In addition to the above points, it is also necessary to constantly check whether the brake fluid is sufficient. For harsh environments, stop production or choose a relatively warm place.

Methods of increasing output of vertical roller mill and reducing energy consumption of vertical roller mill

The increase of output and decrease of energy consumption of vertical roller mill have been the focus of attention of users of vertical roller mill. In general, the factors that affect the energy consumption of vertical grinding mainly include the particle size, moisture content, temperature, grindability, fineness of finished products and specific surface area requirements. We can reduce the energy consumption of the mill by developing and utilizing the new vertical roller mill, increasing the rotational speed of the vertical roller mill, and adding grinding AIDS in the grinding process. So as to reduce the energy consumption of the whole grinding process, reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefits. SBM small make up to help you explain how to realize the vertical roller mill energy saving and consumption reduction through these aspects of control. 1. Reasonable particle size matching of grinding materials. Under normal circumstances, the maximum grinding size allowed by the vertical roller mill is 75mm, but the content exceeding 45mm should not exceed 3%, the content exceeding 25mm should be less than 15%, and the material content not exceeding 25mm should be 85%. So we must follow ". Much wear and little wear" To ensure that the particle size before the material enters the vertical roller mill should be controlled at -25mm and 85%, so as to increase the output of the mill and reduce the energy consumption of the mill.

2. Water content of raw materials. Vertical mill has drying function, which allows the water content of the materials into the mill to be controlled within 15%, while the water content of the materials out of the mill should be less than 1% to prevent the raw materials from sticking and blocking in the mill. However, heat is needed to dry the materials. The heat energy used to dry the materials to evaporate water accounts for a large proportion of the total heat. Therefore, reducing the moisture content of materials into the mill is of great help to save heat energy and improve the efficiency of the mill. 3. Temperature of raw materials. The temperature control of the raw material can ensure the good grinding condition and avoid the high temperature of the raw material. If the temperature of the materials into the mill exceeds 90℃, the temperature in the vertical roller mill will generally exceed 120℃. The higher the temperature of the vertical roller mill, the stronger the static electricity generated by the product particles. The particles will gather under the adsorption of static electricity. Under the impact of the steel ball, they will stick to the steel ball and the lining plate, forming a buffer layer, resulting in a significant reduction in grinding efficiency. 4. The grindability of raw materials. The wear - resistant parts of the vertical roller mill include the roller and the disc. Therefore, it is necessary to control the materials into the mill and the hardness, according to the ability of the vertical roller mill to choose the materials with the same grindability. Also pay attention to the grinding materials do not mix with non-grinding or high abrasibility of the ore, leading to wear agent wear increase or damage, can also save energy parts wear rate.

How to judge the service life of the hammer crusher?

When the hammer Gravel crushers is used, the hammer head receives more than the scouring and grinding of the material. The hammer head itself bears the wear caused by the impact force, so whether it is a single-stage hammer crusher or a vertical shaft hammer crusher As long as it is used, it will withstand the impact damage required for its own work. Due to the simultaneous effects of these two aspects, over time, the hammer head will definitely wear out, and the appearance of the hammer head and the edges and corners on both sides will be gradually polished into a smooth arc. From a professional point of view, the hammer head of the hammer crusher is abraded in this way: When the hammer crusher's hammer head was put into production, there was no wear on the surface and the corners. The hammer head mainly received the impact force. Hit the hammer head surface with a forward force, causing the hammer head to deform and emboss. However, if the hammer head is worn out, due to the decomposition of the bearing surface of the hammer head, the reverse force of the hammer head hammer surface will impact the hammer head Force, and the tangential force exerts a cutting force on the hammer. It directly causes the Gravel crusher for sale to reduce the impact force when crushing materials, reducing production efficiency and increasing crushing time. Therefore, when the force of the hammer head of the hammer crusher shifts and the wear effect of the hammer head changes, it indicates that the service life of the hammer head is about to end and the hammer head will fail. If you find this situation in your work, you must resolve it as soon as possible and try to avoid it in your work.

SBM heavy machine: Shanghai SBM cement mill working principle

SBM-K series cement vertical roller mill is compact in structure, small in size and fully enclosed. It is mainly composed of high-efficiency powder separator, grinding roller device, grinding disk device, grinding roller hydraulic loading device, hydraulic lubrication system, reducer, motor, electrical and other parts . The separator is an efficient and energy-saving powder selection device. The combined conical grinding roller is a component used for crushing and crushing materials. The grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, where the grinding rollers roll the material. The hydraulic loading device is a component that provides grinding pressure to the grinding roller, and provides sufficient pressure to the grinding roller to crush the material. The motor of the vertical roller mill drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the material falls from the feeding port to the center of the grinding disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, it moves to the edge of the grinding disc and is crushed by the grinding roller.

The crushed material overflows from the edge of the grinding disc and is Nozzle ring (air ring) high-speed upward hot air flow is brought into the high-efficiency powder separator integrated with the vertical roller mill. After the coarse powder is sorted by the separator, it is returned to the grinding disc and re-milled; the fine powder is milled with the air flow. Collected in the system's dust collection device, it is the product. Coarse particles and metal parts that have not been carried by the hot air flow fall from the wind ring, are scraped out by the scraper, and then fed into the mill by the outer-circulating bucket elevator to be ground again. SBM-K cement vertical roller mill is a new type of vertical roller mill developed by our company for the final grinding process of cement clinker. It integrates grinding, drying and classification. Compared with traditional mills, its great advantage is that Low energy consumption: The average power consumption is less than 30kwh / t. Due to the advantages of high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, stable product fineness, and low operating costs, the equipment has become a new generation of new environmentally friendly cement grinding equipment. SBM-K cement vertical roller mills have various varieties and complete specifications. According to different project scales, they can meet the production needs of 1000-7000 tons of cement clinker per day.

What to pay attention to when cleaning vertical roller mill parts

The vertical roller mill is mainly used for the grinding of cement raw materials, and the dust is conceivable. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to insensitive parts and components, and over time, it will cause blockage of some parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the vertical roller mill once in a timely manner. The vertical roller mill is a relatively large machine. How to clean it is also a headache. SBM Heavy Machinery has given some suggestions based on more than 50 years of research and production experience. 1. For small parts, we can adopt manual cleaning. Parts can be removed and placed in diesel, kerosene or other cleaning liquids. Manual cleaning is performed with tools. Of course, this applies only to small parts. 2. For the parts with complicated structure, manual cleaning is not very convenient. We can use spray cleaning method, spray water pipes or other tools to clean it, and the effect is very good. 3. For components with more complicated structures, cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning. Generally, different cleaning liquids are used to perform operations according to the principles of ultrasonic and vibration cleaning. In general, the cleaning of the vertical roller mill should be combined with the actual conditions, and different cleaning methods should be adopted according to the different levels of different parts of the dust. SBM Heavy Machinery recommends that everyone clean the vertical roller mill before assembly to ensure The machine has a better working efficiency

What are the green powder production models?

With the rapid development of micro-milling, in order to better protect the ecological environment, most domestic stone processing uses different production modes, which has brought new life to the new mining industry, in order to better meet the needs of development SBM stone production line is gradually updated, traditional stone production lines have been replaced one after another, with the continuous production and use of intelligent complete sets of production equipment, which has brought higher production benefits to users' production, and has been well received by customers. . SBM micro-milling equipment mainly includes ultrafine mill, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, centralized electric control and other equipment. Various types of equipment can be selected to configure according to the different needs of customers, which meets the processing technology and requirements of different materials, and realizes the user's different stages of processing and production. Micro-milling has a high degree of automation, and the connection between various equipment is very accurate. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, uniform particle size of the finished product, and low operating cost. Higher economic benefits. SBM has various types of grinding production lines. Various equipment configurations and models can be selected according to demand, so as to meet the different needs of production. The new intelligentization of SBM is the popularization of grinding production lines. Achieve more new models of green mine construction.

SBM heavy machine: better moisture range for vertical mill feed

How to determine the optimal water content range of the vertical roller mill feed is an important measure to improve the grinding efficiency, and its range depends on the following factors: 1. When the fluidity of the material is good, the moisture content of the material can be appropriately increased. After adding fly ash, with the increase of fluidity, the requirement of slag moisture content can be slightly expanded. 2. When the material is stored for too long, even if the water content is the same, the viscosity of the grinding paste is high. Some ten-year-old tailings ponds will grind paste, even if the water reaches 0.8% paste 3. The smaller the caster opening in the seal diaphragm section of the vertical mill, the easier it is to block, and the water content of the material is appropriately increased by increasing the caster opening 4. The vertical mill has large air volume, high wind speed, high internal temperature of the mill, and the moisture content of the material can be increased accordingly. In short, the enterprise should find a good humidity range and control it within the range according to the slag vertical mill type, material, and grinding process.