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Stainless steel casting needs attention

xuan posted @ 2019年9月28日 10:30 in 未分类 , 50 阅读

1. In order to prevent whiteness in stainless steel casting, besides technological measures, it is necessary to make the wall thickness not too thin (some data point out that when the wall thickness is more than 15 mm, rounded corners must be used at the corner of the casting with metal mould. 2. Because of the non-yielding nature of the metal and core, in order to facilitate the removal of castings and withdrawal moulds, the casting inclination of stainless steel castings should be larger than that of sand castings, which should generally be 30%-50%. 3. The thickness of inner wall and inner rib of stainless steel castings should generally be 0.6-0.7 of the zhuguangzhi.37ix.com.cnjinyinzhi.37ix.com.cnsekazhi.37ix.com.cn tongfengg.37ix.com.cnshusongdaih.07858.netshusongdaif.07858.netthickness of the connecting outer wall. Otherwise, because the inner wall (rib) is cooled slowly, cracks are likely to occur at the junction of inner and outer wall when the castings shrink. 4. The minimum wall thickness of stainless steel casting should be larger than that of sand casting because of the fast heat dissipation of metal mould, and the minimum wall thickness of various casting alloys and different sizes of casting.

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