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Three problems that we need to solve in the casting process of precision castings

xuan posted @ 2019年10月23日 09:17 in 未分类 with tags precision casting , 50 阅读

1. Does precision casting have to be manufactured by precision casting? Can it be used to produce thin-walled castings? The manufacturing process of precision castings is precision casting, which is without a doubt. However, this process can also be used for the production of thin-walled castings, in which the outer casing of the mold needs to be preheated at a high temperature, and the solidification speed of the metal during the casting process is very slow. It is therefore suitable for the production of thin-walled castings. 2. Does the precision casting need heat treatment? Can stainless steel be used as casting raw material? Whether the precision casting needs heat treatment depends on the actual conditions and specific requirements of the casting. If you want to further improve the performance of the casting, you can achieve this by heat treatment. However, it is necessary to rationally select the materials and select the appropriate process to achieve good results. As a good material, stainless steel can be cast by precision casting. 3. What should I pay attention to if I produce such castings in large quantities? Classification of castings? If the production of precision castings is mass-produced, care should be taken to adopt appropriate, advanced styling and coring methods to increase work efficiency and obtain high quality products. The classification of castings is generally horizontal casting and vertical casting.

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