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What problems should I pay attention to after the Raymond mill is stopped?

xuan posted @ 2019年10月28日 15:11 in 未分类 with tags Raymond mill , 43 阅读

Raymond mill is suitable for various mineral powder preparation, pulverized coal preparation, etc. It has a three-dimensional structure, small floor space, strong setness and excellent performance, and is well received by users. Then, after the Raymond mill is in operation, attention should be paid to the details that affect the long-term use of the Raymond mill. The following describes the problems that should be noted after the Raymond mill is shut down. 1. It is forbidden to stop the lubrication and water cooling system before the main body of the Raymond mill and the main bearing temperature have not dropped to normal temperature. 2. After the Raymond mill stops moving, the high-pressure floating device should be turned on immediately to prevent the bearing alloy and the hollow journal from being damaged due to the cooling shrinkage of the grinding body until the grinding body cools to normal temperature (ambient temperature). 3. When using the auxiliary transmission device to rotate the grinding machine, turn the inlet valve of the exhaust fan of Raymond mill to 20%, and the hot air valve is fully closed. 4. After the system main and auxiliary machines are stopped, the valves should be closed and the recorder switch should be closed. 5, the exhaust gas treatment system should be based on the Raymond mill after the shutdown, the rotary kiln system to stop the material to adjust the system pressure (such as the humidification tower valve, the size of the relay fan opening, etc.). The above mainly introduces the five major precautions after the Raymond mill is stopped, mainly for some detailed operations. These operations can reduce the damage of the equipment and ensure its performance. Many users can easily ignore these details after shutting down, even Some people think that only the running link is important. This kind of thinking is not advisable. Whether it is before or after use, or in use, only pay attention to all aspects of detail to ensure the normal use of the mill and ensure the performance of the equipment.

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