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How to solve the shrinkage defect of stainless steel castings

xuan posted @ 2019年9月27日 09:04 in 未分类 with tags stainless steel castings , 44 阅读

In the process of producing stainless steel castings, the problem is that the castings have shrinkage defects. In order to deal with this problem, many experts have conducted research. Now, Solitaire Casting has summarized the following points for dealing with the shrinkage of stainless steel casting: 1. Altering the orientation of the casting runner; 2. Reasonable process planning. The sprue in the sprue is located at the opposite side of the casting, and is scattered for a few times. The metal liquid that first enters the thick wall is first condensed, and then condensed at the thin wall, so that the ground reaches equilibrium and condensation. For machine tool castings with uniform wall thickness, multiple ingates and vents are used. There are many internal gates, scattered and evenly distributed to balance the total heat. The venting holes are fine and numerous, that is, the exhaust gas is clear and has a heat dissipation effect; 3. In the thick part and the hot section of the stainless steel casting structure, rapid condensation is realized, and the fundamental balance of the temperature field of the casting is artificially formed. Choose cold iron in the table, some use zircon sand, chromite sand or special paint with large heat storage.

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