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What causes the wear of the fine-duty mobile crusher?

xuan posted @ 2019年11月01日 09:56 in 未分类 , 51 阅读

1, material properties. It is related to the hardness, properties and composition of the material. Hard materials can easily cause wear of the fine jaw crusher, and some materials can cause corrosion and blockage of the fine jaw crusher. 2. Structural design. Reasonable structural design can effectively reduce the wear of the fine jaw crusher and vice versa. 3, materials. The correct choice of the material of the fine jaw crusher will affect the loss of the equipment. 4. Operational use. Even the finer and more wear-resistant materials of a fine jaw crusher will not last long if handled and used improperly. Generally, the crystal grains are fine and uniform, and the carbides are spherical and uniformly distributed, which are favorable for improving the rolling fatigue life. After processing the bearing steel, the more retained austenite, the coarser the needle-shaped martensite, the lower the residual compressive stress and the strength of the carburized layer, and the greater the possibility of microcracking. Under the same undissolved carbide state, when the mass fraction of carbon in the martensite is about 0.4% to 0.5%, the strength and toughness of the material are better matched, and the contact fatigue life is high. For undissolved carbides, it tends to be small, small and uniform by appropriate heat treatment, avoiding the occurrence of coarse or banded carbides, and is advantageous for eliminating fatigue cracks. As the hardness increases within a certain range, the contact fatigue strength will increase. In addition, the hardness matching of the two contact rolling elements is also important. Factors affecting the wear of parts of a full hydraulic cone crusher: 1. The structure and quality of the part. The higher the casting quality of the full hydraulic cone crusher itself, the more stable the work and the less prone to wear; 2. The physical and mechanical properties of the broken ore. The harder the material of the full hydraulic cone crusher is, the more likely it is that the equipment parts will wear out; 3. The material of the part. The worse the casting material of the full hydraulic cone crusher, the easier it is to wear; 4. Installation quality. The less stringent the installation, the worse the performance of the full hydraulic cone crusher and the easier the wear. 5. Use and maintain quality. Use according to the operating manual without regular maintenance to reduce component wear.

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