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What measures can be taken to delay the aging phenomenon of Raymond mill

xuan posted @ 2019年11月04日 10:24 in 未分类 , 45 阅读

When the Raymond mill is aging, it is necessary to take appropriate remedial measures. If the problem is serious, the equipment needs to be replaced. In the actual production process, there are many ways to delay the aging phenomenon of the Raymond mill. Then, how do users carry out maintenance work on the equipment and delay the aging of the equipment? First, choose the right lubricant, the oil should be moderate, the long-term lubrication of the equipment will not cause the equipment to wear seriously, and this is also an important cause of equipment aging. If the lubrication is not good, it will greatly increase the wear level of the equipment. Reduce equipment usage time. During the use of Raymond mill, the lubricating oil should be lubricated with the correct lubricating oil to avoid contamination of the lubricating oil. The amount of lubricating oil should be moderate. Do not add too much oil. Second, do a good job of equipment maintenance, parts that are severely worn need to be replaced in time, in the use of Raymond mill, should carefully observe the use of various parts of the equipment, especially the use of wearing parts, in a timely manner Check the records and record the number of inspections for each component, and repair some of the worn parts in time and replace if necessary. Third, preheating before starting in winter, lubrication in summer, cold weather in winter, low temperature, easy to freeze oil, so when using Raymond mill, you need to carry out preheating for a few minutes of empty operation to avoid equipment running. Failure, downtime, etc. The temperature in summer is high. Under high temperature operation, the temperature of the equipment is relatively high, which is easy to cause damage to parts. Therefore, the lubrication of the equipment must be done well to reduce the heat generated by friction.

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