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How does the new VSI sand making machine reduce machine resonance?

xuan posted @ 2019年11月05日 10:23 in 未分类 , 44 阅读

VSI's new sand making machine has been designed with mystery and high technology. The sand making machine combines the latest technology and wisdom. The multi-purpose crusher with various feeding modes and crushing modes makes it the first choice in the fields of stone shaping, artificial sand making, refractory materials and industrial ore processing. It is a mixing station, repairing high speed, repairing high-speed rail, and building engineering. Designated sand and gravel processing equipment. The VSI sand making machine is designed with ingenuity, with double oil pump for oil supply and thin oil lubrication for automatic maintenance. The design of the VSI sand making machine is also flawed in preventing machine resonance. So how does the VSI sander reduce machine resonance? The VSI sand making machine adopts the rivet technology and unique rivet technology to increase the strength and toughness of the machine and effectively reduce the machine resonance. In addition, the sand making machine adopts a hydraulic lifting arm, hydraulic starting, hydraulic maintenance of the arm, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The new impeller design of the equipment optimizes material flow and is 30% more efficient than older equipment under the same power.

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